Discover the world with the VL3

Expand your view on the world by travelling fast and comfortable.


Safe & reliable

More than 250 aircrafts flying , with maintenance centers all over the world.

Large network of distributors

Large international network of certified dealers.

Short take-off & landing

Landing and take-off on 500 ft, due to very efficient split flaps.

Impressive flight range

Non stop flight range of 1800 NM

Stable and fast

Stable aircraft that cruises at 140kts, at 5000 RPM

VL3 Evolution

The most advance UL aircraft...

Experience amazing adventures and discover new destinations. The VL3 Evolution is a performant ultralight, fully made out of carbon fibre. The aerodynamic low wing aircraft has a cruising speed of 140 kts and a non stop flight range of 1800 NM. Powered by the 100 hp economical Rotax engine, the VL3 Evolution has a spacious and comfortable cockpit, a high cruising speed and a high flight range. The aircraft exists both with a fixed and with a retractable landing gear and is fully personalized to your needs.

With more than 250 aircrafts sold, the VL3 Evolution is one of the best-selling advanced ultralights in Europe. JMB aviation is directly linked to the production unit JMB Aircraft in the Czech Republic, which today produces 50 airplanes / year. Through an extensive network, JMB Aircraft continues to build on its success story with a worldwide distribution.
Op de hoogte blijven?

Op de hoogte blijven?